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The last two years have been nothing short of unpredictable, unprecedented, and unclear.

In many cases, the pandemic has changed the way we do things in the event world and perhaps it is for the better.

Most of these changes were to happen at some time, the current circumstances just fast-tracked it all.

Our eagerness to plan and host events is a universal feeling driven by the overwhelming need to connect face-to-face.

An Eventbrite global survey revealed that after the whirlwind of Covid-19, entering a post-Covid world has made organisers value their community more than ever.

Nearly 3 out of 4 respondents of the survey feel closer to their audience than before, and some 50% are planning events that will help foster community in the new year.

One of the fast-tracked changes to hit the event world has been virtual events.

The concept of bringing together people from different ages, backgrounds, residences is so much more accessible through a digital screen with the tap of a web link through the internet.

It’s also a more cost-effective avenue but online-only events may never fully replace the invaluable connection of an in-person encounter, the shake of a hand, the energy and buzz in a room.

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Hybrid events are also a popular option this year. We wrote about its benefits here.

Inevitably, there has been a rapid advancement in the digital revolution that is simply hard to ignore. Businesses and their people have had to keep up, fall behind, or worse – shut up shop.

However, a post-Covid world does not mean no more Covid at all. We are not blinded nor shying away from the challenges and fear of resurgence.

Like us, many others who took the Eventbrite Survey are concerned about low levels of attendance this year.

Ticket sales and community engagement are reflective of this cautious behaviour of patrons.

We are hopeful that as we continue down an open and safe path, regardless of what the future holds, we will stay optimistic.

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