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“Two things remain irretrievable: time and a first impression.”

This quote by Cynthia Ozick is probably one of the most important to live by in the event world.

Equally, crucial to the business, time management ensures efficiency and productivity while first impressions make or break any opportunities you may come by.

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So, at MCO we know just how important first impressions are for you and for your guests.

Believe it or not, the first impression doesn’t start when the guests arrive at your event, but rather when they receive the invitation.

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Not only does it formally invite your guests and inform them of the event agenda and information, but it sets the tone for your whole event.

There are three main ways you can invite your guests; by email, a written invite or using digital platforms.

In a post covid world, there are two main ways you can invite your guests.

Gone are the written invites and hardcopies, now it’s all about digital invites whether that’s in the form of an email or a third-party platform is really up to you.

Inviting your guests via an email invitation isn’t as informal as it may seem and it’s actually the method we suggest when planning an event (We’ll put an example at the end)

It is one of the most efficient ways to invite your guests, especially if you are optimizing your email and adding attachments.

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Using an invite attachment within your email is one of the best ways to reflect your event’s theme as well as your company.

Sending your invite as an attachment allows for your guests to download the invite on their computer or phone and allows them to have it accessible to refer back to for directions, date and timing. 

MCO Events can assist in all curated guest lists and public relations opportunities.

One of our most recent projects has been the launch of EcoGen Technologies; a sustainable crypto farming alternative.

The invitations for this event were via an email and three attachments: The press release, A detailed introduction to the company, and a visual invite with the date, timing and location.

An example of what the email invite may look like:

Dear Guest,

EcoGen Technologies warmly invites you and 1x guest,

to a one of a kind, exclusive launch event


on Thursday, 2nd of June 2022

at Venue

[Full Venue Address Here]

Sponsored by Baxter Vodka, Drink Aubrey and Brooklyn Lager

A networking event in the world of Web3, Sustainable Crypto and Blockchain; a live fireside chat with the founders of EcoGen and special guest – Getrude Matshe (Diversity & Inclusion; Sustainability TedTalk Speaker)

The mission and greatest goal within the crypto world at this time are to find a sustainable solution to mining cryptocurrencies.

Unlike other green crypto farms, EcoGen Technologies is developing off-grid transportable power hubs using renewable energy sources in developing countries.

We look forward to seeing you in smart casual attire.

See attachment for invitation and media press release.


RSVP Compulsory here:

Or REPLY back directly to this email with the below details:




DIETARIES (If Applicable)

Warm Regards,

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