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Ego Expo

Ego Expo, February 2018

Ego Expo is Australia’s Weekend of Street Culture and MCO Events largest flagship event for the company. An annual event held in the City of Melbourne that focuses on street culture and the collaborations and synergies between a variety of sub-cultures including fashion, food, street sports, music and live art. A lifestyle event and retail shopping experience unlike anything else.


Who are we?

Ego Expo Australia is Australia’s largest expo for streetwear and lifestyle brands. Ego Expo is the nation’s leading pop culture event having street fashion, music, dance, graffiti art, barbers, tattoos and street food all under one roof.

Why do we do it?

This platform is created to experience and celebrate street culture in all its forms. The weekend invites visitors to a multi-art form event to discover new brands, engage in industry discussions, and unite as a creative community.

How do we do it?

Fashion is always feeding our self-identity. Yet, psychology in fashion studies are proving that we are now more switched on with our clothing brands and it is understanding the story behind the ego that leads to loyal and long-term relationships with us and the brand. Ego Expo serves to bring the urban community to meet the founders in the business. You get to learn from their stories and connect on a face-to-face relationship with each brand.

Why the name ‘Ego Expo’?

Ego Expo is the ego-expo-sed. Come as you are. Celebrate who you are. No judgement, no egos.

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