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Inspiring guest speakers tailor talks and events to specific objectives and can educate and provide target audience an immersive experience. Melissa is versatile in her speaking engagements with a broad variety of topics for discussion. Talks can be customised to specific timeframes, group conversations, panel interviews and keynote guests for charity, private and commercial events. Speaker Bookings via

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Melissa Yu: Speaker’s Bio

She’s a creator of Brands and Beginnings, a native to the commercial world through her entrepreneurial endeavours, and a leader in the field of community building, drawing in people from all backgrounds in no small part due to her magnetism, charm and innate ability to connect with others.

A passionate and articulate speaker, Melissa’s innate purpose is to leave others in a better place than where she found them.  Her empathy and understanding aren’t at arm’s length; having lost her long-term partner to suicide, Melissa has very consciously fought the stigma surrounding such an emotionally and mentally difficult experience in order to advocate for causes relating to suicide awareness and prevention.

As a motivational speaker, Melissa is very much an active participant in the ongoing journey towards betterment; while inspiring her followers, Melissa’s constant personal development, and the sharing of that journey, makes her the motivator’s motivator.

Melissa double-majored in Psychology and Drama & Theatre Studies at Monash University, graduating with Honours in Psychology in 2012. Her academic achievements transferred into working in Royal Children’s Hospital, private psychology clinics, Lifeline Crisis Centres and family violence refuges with women and children. She was most recently a nominee for Young Australian of the Year 2019 and Channel 7’s Young Achievers Awards for Social Impact 2019.

This diverse background was coupled with an appetite for exploration.  A world traveller, Melissa’s interest in other cultures, and the processes required to develop culture and community, has given her an incredibly diverse viewpoint on the world.

Described as a “true empathic leader” and “an approachable woman with insight and wisdom beyond her years’, Melissa uses her experiences, whether they come from pain, struggle, joy or success, to inspire and remind others the importance of time, of the possibility to live a life of purpose.

From speaking to local communities, right through to international conferences, Melissa’s audience is taken on a personal journey with heart-felt imagery, a deep connection to others and relentless self-belief that leaves you moved long after her story has concluded.

A serial entrepreneur, an expert in personal and company branding, and a keynote speaker in the educational and corporate space, Melissa’s reach extends to social media platforms, challenging, supporting and encouraging the growth of her audience in all of their pursuits.

Having grown a national convention many times over, Melissa took her vision of community and empowerment to an untapped sector of the market, creating Australia’s first streetwear expo, in the process igniting a national movement of creators, designers, artists and streetwear aficionados.

Sought after by brands for her brand management and communication skills, start-ups for her expertise and vision, and by individuals inspired by her personal story, her ability to motivate and the strength of her resolve, Melissa continues to lead by example, attracting a loyal following through industries as diverse as she is.

Her most recent passion project includes the launch of her own podcast platform, The Authentic Me, where she connects powerful stories and life lessons to the ears of listeners by interviewing successful game-changers from all walks of life. Popular guests include Australian influencers, entertainment artists, life coaches and creative entrepreneurs. Common topics discussed involve self-development, successes, failures, mindset and how to create a life of purpose (

Some speakers leave a temporary impression. Melissa imprints her passion on the participant and lights a fire that can’t be extinguished.

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