Business Strategy Consultant

Business Strategy Consultant

Balancing all business needs puts a lot of strain on an individual business owner, from leading your employees to keeping your company’s revenue stable. In this single management setup, all business needs are difficult to juggle at once. And when one aspect of the business is overlooked, the entire operation suffers.

This is where a business strategy consultant can assist. They maintain focus and objectivity, particularly regarding production strategies, budgeting advice, and opportunity management.

Who Are We?

When it comes to business sensibility without bias, MCO Events is on the top list.

We have five years of experience successfully delivering strategies and methods for a solid foundation of your company’s branding. Through these years, we have maintained the credibility of our marketing and branding consultants’ team from a personal branding perspective to an entire company-intensive branding package, and everything in between.

Why Consult with Us?

While an in-depth explanation of our consultancy packages helps you understand the effectiveness of our process for your brand awareness, understanding how the people work is equally crucial for your business’s growth.

So, how did MCO Events’ creative business strategy consultants take Melbourne by storm? Let’s look at how we handle each business consulting:

Personalised Strategies

MCO Events understands the significance of a company’s identity. Thus, we only offer customised solutions for your company. Whether you need recommendations to increase customer awareness or advice to improve revenue, we ensure that our approach is aligned with what you want to achieve.

Our team, led by our director, Melissa Yu, assesses your company’s strengths and weaknesses to plan customised marketing solutions for your business’s needs.

Objective Viewpoint

Whether you are a member of the board of directors or a regular employee, it is unavoidable that you will have an opinion about the business. However, this judgement is frequently tainted by bias and preconception, resulting in clouded inside perspective.

To avoid this, MCO Events steps in to offer a clear and level-headed solution to your business’s needs. Since 2017, we have been training to bring balance and a fresh perspective to all members of an organisation.


Our creative team has gained extensive experience as a corporate branding consultant since 2017. We have since served over 185 coaching & consultancy clients, and we continue to practice as a team of outcome chasers.

We give you the option of selecting one of three consultancy packages: full company starter branding, full company intensive branding, or personal branding exploration. Then we set a clear goal depending on what we both agreed on through team collaboration.

Our team of business strategy consultants guarantee a successful project outcome, whatever your expected goal is.

Invest in Your Business Success, Work with MCO Events!

MCO Events is your path to making your business branding vision a reality.  Whatever your business requirements are, we have the best set of business strategy consultants who can help you.

There is always a better solution for your company at MCO Events. Work with our marketing and business consultants today! Contact us on +61413 185 088 or